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LOW BACK - 907 Legend
LOW BACK - 907 Legend
LOW BACK - 907 Legend

LOW BACK - 907 Legend

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Low Back 907


  • Seat belt for additional stability.
  • Steel stack shrouds.
  • Aviation-grade cabling.
  • Aluminum diamond plate foot platform.

Legend Fitness equipment is made to order. Lead time from order placement is typically 10-15 weeks before shipping.  We offer customization with 16 different frame colors and 87 upholstery colors.  Customizations such as logo and two tone colors available at additional cost.  Full Commercial suitable for any weight room, high school, collegiate, professional sports team, ect.  Weight room installs are available in the NY and Philadelphia Metro Areas.


The Low Back machine is perfect for people requiring additional lower back strength. The lower back is an often overlooked muscle group. This area is important for athletes building speed and explosiveness, but also for anyone building core strength. That’s why the Low Back machine is at home in athletic training facilities as well as rehab centers.

The adjustable diamond plate footplate allows users to attain proper pivot alignment, which encourages correct lumbar erector extension. A seat belt is also provided for additional stability. The Low Back machine has aviation-grade cables and high-quality pulleys, which means you’ll see consistent, smooth movement. It was designed using 3D CAD software, and uses as few bolts as possible. This means the Low Back machine is not only extra rigid, but requires less maintenance.

When you add it all together you will quickly see why the lower back is one of the easiest muscle groups to work.


The Low Back machine comes standard with a 300-pound weight stack in 20-pound plates. If that’s not enough, a 400-pound weight stack upgrade is available. The upgrade is also in 20-pound increments. This machine features a 40-pound counterbalance to offset the weight of the roller pad and lever arm.

907 Low Back Dimensions

NOTE: The feet of all pin select machines now feature 3.5 x 3-inch bolt-down tabs for enhanced safety and stability. The dimensions stated here properly reflect this change, but the bolt-down tabs may not be pictured in the photos above.

We reserve the right to make running changes to products in cases where performance or production processes can be improved. This may result in slight physical differences that may not be reflected in the photographs found here.



  • 400 lb Weight Stack Upgrade (20 lb plates)
  • Two-Tone Upholstery
  • Two-Tone Powder Coat Finish
  • Shroud Decal