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ISF Squat Bar 32MM 25KG (55LB) Barbell
ISF Squat Bar 32MM Bare Steel
ISF Squat Bar 32MM 25KG (55LB) Barbell
ISF Squat Bar 32MM 25KG (55LB) Barbell
ISF Squat Bar 32mm Knurling Close Up
ISF Squat Bar 32MM 25KG (55LB) Barbell

ISF Squat Bar 32MM 25KG (55LB) Barbell

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The ISF squat barbell features a 32MM shaft with aggressive knurling across the length of the bar shaft and very stiff steel. This bar was in the design process for many months. We tested many alloys looking for a steel that would not flex under heavy load, and we have brought to market one of the stiffest bars around, all while keeping everything at a budget friendly price.  

Key Specs & Features of the ISF Squat Bar:

- 200K+ PSI Tensile Strength
- 32MM shaft
- 2400mm overall length
- 16.75" loadable area on Friction Welded Sleeves
- Full aggressive knurling across the bar
- 25KG or 55LB squat barbell weight
- Powerlifting knurl marks & center knurl mark

We are currently offering the ISF Squat Bar in a polished bare steel shaft to maximize the aggressive knurling, a black oxide coating, and very limited blue ceramic. Note that with bare steel or black oxide, both will require maintenance to prevent rusting. While our ceramic cerakote coating option will offer superior corrosion resistance, the thick coating may take away from the knurl's bite so keep that factor in mind. Also of importance, ceramic coatings do tend to wear from metal to metal contact. All sleeves for all options are hard chrome finish.


ISF 32MM Squat Bar at Strong Hand Fitness with Ian McKay and World Champion Russian Powerlifter Andrey Malanichev

What is a Squat Bar?

A Squat Bar is a specialty powerlifting straight barbell made to squat. It is thicker, longer, and heavier than other power lifting barbells. The entire purpose of a squat bar is to be able to better handle the squatting of more weight.

Why is a Squat Bar thicker?

The ISF Squat Barbell is made with a thick shaft at 32mm. This is 3mm larger than your typical Power Bar coming in at 29mm diameter. This increased girth serves the purpose of allowing the barbell to handle more weight. Thicker means less whip, or bar flex, while under load, which to a powerlifting athlete is ideal. The Powerlifter wants the weight to stay stationary on the back without the ends of the bar flopping all around.

What are the benefits to a Squat Bar being longer?

Not only is the dedicated squat bar thicker, it is also much longer made to about 94.5" length vs your typical power barbell at around 86" long. This increased length serves a few purposes. Firstly, it allows a wider bar shaft, that being the distance of the barbell between the collars. This helps the athlete get a better grip, and be more centered during the lift. Because the collars are spaced further apart, there is more clearance between the bar collars and j-cups. This means re-racks are more secure, there is more wiggle room to re-rack the barbell and less likelihood of struggling to get the bar off your back after setting that PR. Secondly, some of the added length is in the bar sleeve. This allows for more weight to be loaded onto the barbell.

Can I Bench or Deadlift with a Squat Bar?

While a squat bar is typically used for squatting, it is possible to use the bar for the bench or deadlift. While we at ISF have never actually witnessed the ISF Squat Bar being used for deadlift, we do know several athletes who sometimes bench with the bar. In benching with the squat bar, the 32mm barbell could potentially be used as a fat grip to better train the forearms, or to simply switch up the training.

Should I buy a 32mm Squat Bar?

While some powerlifting federations will do all their lifts on a 29mm barbell, many will use the bigger barbell for the Squat. If your federation uses a 32mm barbell during their competitions, then being able to train with a 32mm squat bar at home or at the gym may come in handy to better familiarize yourself with the lift and the feel of the barbell. Even if you are not competing in the sport of Powerlifting, you may need that extra stiffness the squat bar provides if you are very strong, or you may simply like the feel of the bigger bar and its unique characteristics. Being that the ISF Squat Bar is fully knurled across the bar, less the powerlifting and center ring marks, anywhere the barbell is gripped will have knurling. This is also much different than a typical Power Bar, which will tend to have a 4" to 5" center knurling and knurling cuts around the powerlifting ring marks. Ultimately the choice is up on whether to purchase a squat bar will depend on your needs, what your looking to accomplish with the bigger bar, and just whether it's right for you.