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ISF Rubber Hex Dumbbells Best Dumbbells Black 5-100
ISF Rubber Hex Dumbbells
ISF 5-50 LB Rubber Hex Dumbbells Set Black
ISF Rubber Hex Dumbbells 5-60 LB Set Black
ISF Rubber Hex Dumbbells 5-75 LB Set Black
ISF Rubber Hex Dumbbells 55-75 LB Set Black
ISF Rubber Hex Dumbbells Black 5-100 LB Set Black
ISF Rubber Hex Dumbbells 55-100 LB Set Black
ISF Dumbbells Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

ISF Dumbbells Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

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If you want to know where to buy the best dumbbells then you've come to the right place.  ISF Fitness Equipment rubber encased hex head dumbbells help to reduce noice and prevent damage to floors, making them superior to the all cast iron dumbbell. 

The ISF black rubber hex dumbbells are sold in pounds and by pairs and are weight accurate to within +/- 2% tolerance.  ISF dumbbells feature contoured knurled handles for good grip and are made with a low odor virgin rubber.

ISF rubber hexagonal dumbells are sold in the following sets:

  • 5-50 LB Dumbbells Set 
  • 5-55 LB Dumbbells Set 
  • 5-60 LB Dumbbell Set 
  • 5-75 LB Dumbbells Set
  • 5-100 LB (No 85 95 pairs) Dumbell Set
  • 55-75 LB Dumbells Set
  • 55-100 LB (No 85 95 pairs) Dumbbell Set

For individual dumbbell pairs, please go here.

Dumb Bells have been around for decades, and can replicate any barbell exercise.  Our rubber hex dumbbell are compact and thus can be used in tight or smaller spaces not accessible to the traditional straight Olympic barbell.   Simply add an ISF weight bench and you can do every weight lifting exercise you will need.

Rubber hex dumbbells are rubber coating over iron.  ISF rubber hex dumbbell heads are welded and have a "T" bolt built into the head for extra security.  Rubber hex dumbbell heads are made of iron and coated in rubber, they are not solid rubber like bumper plates, and thus should not be dropped.  Doing so will void the warranty and can cause damage to your dumbbell.

We offer free local pickup of our dumbbells in Northern and Southern NJ and Central Florida.  We can also ship out orders via freight, if you have a commercial address with loading dock that will give you the best rates.  


-Weight range: 5LB to 80LB by 5LB, 90LB, 100LB
-Tolerance: +/- 2%
-Rubber coated head
-Contoured knurled chrome handle 

Common Questions:

What size dumbbells should I buy?

You should pick a weight you are comfortable with, and one that you are able to perform between 10 and 15 repetitions for two or three sets.  Keep in mind, it is better to start any exercise program at a slower to moderate rate and then tailor the program to fit your individual need.  The beauty to a lighter weight is that there is still a benefit to working out with a lighter dumbbell and performing higher reps.  It is significantly more difficult, and potentially more injury prone, working out with too heavy a weight than too light a weight.  Starting lower and then working up to the heavier dumbbells sets is the preferred method for starting to build strength.