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Independent Squat Stands
ISF Independent Squat Stands - ISF Indy Stands
ISF Independent Squat Stands - ISF Indy Stands
ISF Independent Squat Stands - ISF Indy Stands
ISF Independent Squat Stands - ISF Indy Stands

ISF Independent Squat Stands - ISF Indy Stands

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ISF Independent Squat Stands are built commercial tough with their 2x3 11 gauge tubing.  This Indy squat rack is built to move around, each side is not connected like a traditional squat rack, so the stands can be stored out of the way while not in use.  

These stands are mobile for easy set up and storage and feature 1" hole spacing through the bench and clean zone.  The included safety J-Cups that are UHMW lined on all three sides to protect your barbell finish.  Any barbell can be used with these ISF Independent Squat Stands, including 1" or 2" bars. 

The ISF Indy Squat Stands feature a 1000lb weight capacity and stand 72" tall.  Being 26" Deep and 22" Wide make these Independent Squat Stands a go to when high quality heavy duty is required.  Each stand weighs about 60 lbs, we overbuild this exercise equipment so these squat stands last you a lifetime.

Shipping to USA or local pickup from an ISF warehouse in NJ or FL.

Why ISF Independent Squat Stands?

Small footprint: People going the Indy squat stand route for their gym setup may need a compact rack. The ISF Indy Squat Stands deliver with a 26" depth and 22" width. They stand at 72" high and so will fit pretty much any room in a commercial or home gym setting.

Independent: Unlike a traditional one piece connected squat rack, the ISF Independent Squat Stands are not connected, hence their independent, free standing, nature. This means when not in use you have the option to set them out of your way. This makes them highly desirable to athletes with workout areas under a space constraint. Store them in the closet or off to the side, bring them out for your workout, put them back after you're finished.  Want to workout outside?  No problem, take them outdoors. The athlete also has more flexibility, the stands can be moved horizontally.  Connected racks have a fixed horizontal width.  Want your rack spaced a little closer or a little further?  No problem, go for it with the ISF Squat Stands. 

Heavy Duty Commercial Quality: Don't let the fact that these stands aren't connected together fool you into thinking that they are not heavy duty. The ISF Squat Stands are commercial grade, 2x3 tubing that's 11 gauge, with a 1,000 lb weight capacity. These squat racks are beefy! Each stand weighs in at almost 60lbs, or 120lbs in total. That's about as much steel as a low end four post power rack. You won't have to worry about these squat stands not being able to support whatever weight you can throw down at it.

1" Hole Spacing: ISF Squat Stands feature 1" hole spacing through the bench and clean zone, to give you more height options during your lifts. Above that area, holes are spaced at 2".

Any Use:  Independent Squat Stands are made for squatting, but add in either an ISF dedicated Flat Utility Bench, or one of our Adjustable Benches, and now you can bench too.  Be sure to check the ISF Indy Squat Stand Home Gym Package here which includes the stands, flat bench, barbell, and bumper plates for a complete gym set up.

Local Pickup or Shipping. We offer these for both free local pickup in Totowa NJ (North New Jersey) or Bellmawr NJ (South New Jersey), and national USA shipping.  

Can I bench with this rack?

Yes, of course.  You will obviously need a barbell or dumbbells, some plates, and bench, but once you have your complete home gym, then any lifting is possible to complement the ISF Independent Squat Stands.  If you need a bench, all ISF benches whether adjustable or flat can stand upright in order to reduce storage footprint.