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IN-STOCK orders ship within 1-5 business days. FREE SHIPPING USA 48 (most items) & FREE PICKUP NJ. Delivery & Installs NJ NY PA CT. Larger Orders Contact For Best Pricing.

ISF Deadlift Bar Jack - Single Arm - Mini


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The ISF Mini Deadlift Bar Jack single arm is the best way to rack your weight up from the floor if you're tight on space and need something smaller than a two arm version.  Gone are the days of struggling to get plates on or off the barbell when deadlifting.  Our mini jack features 11 gauge fully welded tubing with UHMW lining on all three sides of the head where the barbell makes contact. Weighing in at 10 lbs and taking up only a 19"x4.5" footprint, it makes for easy storage in your gym and will be a great assistive tool to add or subtract weight on your barbell.

What is a Deadlift Bar Jack?

Have you ever struggled to get a lot of weight on or off a barbell resting on the floor? With one arm you grab the bar, with the other arm you grab a plate? This can become difficult and frustrating, especially with heavier weights, and adding more and more weight plates of the same size. Enter the Deadlift Bar Jack. Just like the name implies, this tool acts as a jack, to raise and lower the barbell, allowing for the weight plates to slide on or off with ease. By inserting the jack head around the barbell shaft, and then pivoting it into the raised position, the barbell is now high enough that the weight plates do not make contact with the floor. This allows for plates to easily slide on and off the barbell. Repeat the process for both barbell sides.

What are the benefits of using the ISF Mini Deadlift Bar Jack?

✓Make it easy to load and unload a barbell
✓Save your energy for your workout
✓Compact and Portable, easily stores away
✓UHMW lined to protect bar finish
✓Less Frustration
✓Can be used with 2" and 1" bars
✓Powder Coating, quality finish
✓66%+ more material than low end jacks = more heavy duty & long lasting

Is the Deadlift Bar jack only for deadlifts and while only using a deadlift bar?

No. The ISF Deadlift Bar jack can be used for any weightlifting exercise and with any barbell when you have a bar on the floor and want to add or subtract weight. If you just finished a heavy clean for example, and you want to make it easier to unload the bar, use the ISF Deadlift Bar Jack. Barbell type also does not matter. You can use the jack with the ISF 27MM Deadlift Bar as pictured above, the ISF 29MM Power Bar, the ISF 28MM Bam Bar and Everyday Bar, or any other barbell. The only requirement is that the barbell is straight so that is fits properly. It is also irrelevant which style lifting you do. A Powerlifter or an Olympic Weightlifter can both use the jack. It is an all around great tool to make your workouts a little less frustrating.

Why the ISF Deadlift Bar Jack?

The ISF Deadlift Bar is built tough and can withstand any home or commercial environment. We build our gear to withstand abuse. We make our deadlift jack with thick, 11 gauge steel which means that they are super duty tools. Our jack weighs in at 10lbs. Low end jacks from competition can weigh half that. If you are serious about your training, then buying equipment made to last will go a long way in keeping you satisfied and your costs down over a lifetime of use.