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Resistance Bands Workout

Resistance Bands Workout

Workouts are never complete without a good accessory to make them a little more fun and challenging at the same time. And when it comes to choosing a workout accessory, there's nothing better than a resistance band. With the variety of widths they come in, the level of resistance also changes which helps you power train the way you desire. So if you are intrigued by the essence of resistance bands, our quick guide on them is guaranteed to be helpful. 

Benefits of ISF Resistance Bands

The weight training of resistance bands focuses on specific muscles and, when performed repeatedly, can result in improved strength, endurance, and power. Here is how resistance bands benefit:

  • Improves strength
  • With the use of resistance bands, the muscles contract and work more effectively in order to grow. The muscles that receive greater resistance at their strongest point are better able to stimulate strength adaptations. If you feel that the weight is easier to push, increase the tension by shifting to a thicker band to build more muscle. 

  • Burns fat
  • Resistance training has also been known for its efficacy in burning fat. Due to the energy expense and strength used to perform the training, one is able to lose more fat. The harder the exercise, the more energy you input and the more calories you burn. It also keeps your metabolism active, which leads to the continuation of calorie burn. 

  • Stabilization
  • Resistance bands are amazing in improving your stability, focus and activating your core for balance. It is vital to keep your balance intact during exercising, and resistance bands help you with that. The need to prevent them from snapping back requires you to put in more strength, stimulation and improves your momentum. 

  • Gym equipment alternative
  • The best benefit of a resistance band is the ability to work out wherever without any gym equipment restrictions as they are very light weight and do not take up much space, which makes them super portable.  In addition, their versatility allows you to target a specific group of muscles in any setting whether that be in the home or outside in the backyard.   And the number of exercises that can be performed is innumerable. 

    A few Resistance band exercises 

  • Wall lateral pulldown
  • This resistance band exercise targets your lats and upper back. To perform this exercise, stand against a wall, and place the resistance band above your head around your thumbs and wrists. Now, pull your arms down with your elbows at your side to stretch the band. This would bring your shoulder blades together. Then, get back to the original position and repeat. 

  • Fire hydrant
  • This exercise focuses on your glutes and hamstrings. To execute this, get on your fours with the resistance band above your knees. Keeping your neck, back, and hips aligned, move the left leg out to stretch the band. Make sure to keep the rest of your body in place. Return to the original position and repeat. Keep switching sides to work on the glutes of both legs.

  • Standing banded squat
  • Keep your feet at the width of your hips, bend your knees, pull your navel in, and sit back with your glutes. Move down as if you are about to sit, then use your heels to get back up. Keep your resistance band above your ankles, on your legs which will activate your glutes. Try to elicit stability in your posture for a better-performed squat. Repeat this 10 more times. 

  • Donkey kicks 
  • To work on your glutes and hamstrings, adjust the resistance band in your feet. Next, get on your fours and pull your navel towards your spine. Keep your hands underneath your shoulders, fingers spread wide, knees under the hips, and wide as the hips as well. Now, push your right leg up so that it's making a 90° angle, and then press it up to work the muscles of your right leg. By stabilizing the left leg, you would be working on the left leg's glute as well. 

  • Side-lying banded leg lifts 
  • Keep your resistance band a little above your ankles and lie down on your right side. Push your forearm into the ground and pull your navel into the spine. Pull your legs slightly ahead of your hips and pull your left leg straight up, then lower it back down. Remember to sustain tension in the band throughout the exercise. Repeat it 10 times, then switch sides.

  • Pull Up Band Assist.
  • If pull-ups are your thing (they should be), then ISF resistance bands are guaranteed to deliver satisfaction. The durable and robust rubber allows you to carry on a full-body workout with utmost ease.  Loop the band through a squat rack post, and then insert one of your feet into the band loop.  Then do your pull ups.  Your current fitness level will determine the band you need.  You will not want one to weak or too strong, the one you choose should help you be able to do pull ups but light enough for you to still get some benefit, too strong and the pull ups will be too easy.   

    When it comes to investing in resistance bands, you must choose one with the best quality.  ISF Resistance bands offer just that.  The premium quality, durability, environment suitability, and skin-friendliness make it ideal fitness equipment. With the variety of resistance that the set of bands provide, you can easily shift from being a beginner to a pro within no time.    

    ISF Resistance Power Bands 

    These tough and strong resistance bands add versatility to your workout and act as a great pull-up assistant. The 100% natural latex and makes it supremely durable and long-lasting by holding the elasticity for much longer. ISF Resistance Bands are offered in six resistance bands sizes with the perfect flexibility for your stretches and workouts.  Whether you're using it for strength training, power weight program, or conventional exercise, these durable bands work for all. The superior quality is a cherry on top, which provides value for your money.  The superior quality is a cherry on top, which provides value for your money,  irrespective of the type of exercise you are carrying out or the muscle you're working on, the variety of resistance bands are suitable for all. So whether you seek out durability, quality, or longevity, ISF provides all. 

    Bottom line

    Resistance bands are perfect training equipment that allows mobility, improves strength, and reduces the chances of injury. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness buff, resistance bands provide you endless opportunities to discover while training. 

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