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ISF Powerlifting Barbells: Deadlift, Squat, Power Bars

We here at I Sell Fitness, cannot wait for the release of our Powerlifting Barbells!  We've been working on them now for about three months, trying to get the right balance between knurling and steel properties.  We've tested all different types of steel under load for our Deadlift Bar, Squat Bar, and Power Bar. 

For deadlift specific steel, we've been looking for the that sweet spot to give enough whip but remain strong enough not to permanently deform under heavy load.  What we find is too much flex, and the bars are too soft.  A soft bar starts to permanently deform by about 0.9mm at around a 400kg lift.  Here in the video below, 175k PSI steel is deformed 0.9mm after testing with a forklift.  To measure, the bar is spun, the needle traverses the bar and pushes back up to the gauge to measure any bend.  A straight bar will indicate little gauge movement.  A bent bar will indicate significant gauge movement like as in the video.  After all testing, we have concluded 190k steel to be optimal for whip and long term barbell durability.


Here below we show our 27MM ISF Deadlift Bar knurling.  The deep and course knurling is all done by hand as we experiment with different patterns to find the right balance between being aggressive but not tearing up the hands. 


And more knurling photos...

And one last knurl photo....

The ISF Deadlift Bar will have a fat inner collar so as to push the plates as far out as possible to maximize the flex.  We cannot wait for feedback from our Powerlifting friends on this one. See below Brandon Cintron @bwandon93 on IG working out with his blue ceramic ISF Deadlift Bar.


To round out the set of Powerlifting Bars, we are producing a 29MM Power Bar & a 32MM Squat Bar. The Squat Bar is 25KG and will come with full knurling across the bar shaft, including powerlifting ring marks, and center ring mark.  Both Power and Squat Barbells have very high 200K+ tensile strength to minimize flex and keep the bar stiff.  We also cannot wait for these! 

In the below photo, from left to right, we have the bare steel ISF prototypes Deadlift Bar, Squat Bar, Power Bar.

Bars will hopefully be hitting market after all R&D is completed later in 2019.

Update 10/14/19: First Big Lifts with the ISF Power Bar Prototype by Nick Pierson. He took the bar in a heavy squat session at Elite Training Facility in Pompton Lakes, NJ up to a 683LB lift.  

Come back more for further results as we work to bring the best powerlifting barbells to market.  

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