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IN-STOCK orders ship within 1-5 business days. FREE SHIPPING USA 48 (most items) & FREE PICKUP NJ. Delivery & Installs NJ NY PA CT. Larger Orders Contact For Best Pricing.
ISF Ez Curl Bar Red Cerakote

Achieve The Peak With EZ Curl Bar Bicep Curls

Achieve The Peak With EZ Bar Bicep Curls

With too many options available to train a muscle group, it is sometimes confusing which movement to consider. This article describes the workout that has to be a staple in your bicep workout regimen. 

Every fitness trainer wants bigger biceps. We all love the look of the peak on the upper arm when we flex it. For this reason, we want to use an exercise technique that is proven to enhance muscle mass in the biceps.

An EZ Curl Bar is undoubtedly the king of bicep muscle-building equipment. This component has been popular among the top bodybuilders of every era, and it continues to be a vital element in just about any bicep workout routine.

EZ Bar Bicep Curl vs. Straight Bar Bicep Curl

Understanding the difference between EZ bar bicep curls and straight bar bicep curls first requires you to know the fundamental bicep functions. The one function we all know is flexing and pulling the forearm. The other less discussed function is the forearm supination.

Now, apply this information to both bicep training components, and you will understand what both these components do.

When performing a bicep workout using a straight bar, you will first have to supinate your palms a bit more to grab the bar. While there will be a better bicep engagement throughout the entire range of motion, you will feel an extra twist in your forearms and wrist when pulling the bar towards the chest.

On the other hand, you don’t have to supinate your palms fully to grab an EZ bar. EZ bar bicep curls require you to keep your hands in a semi-supinated position. In general, your wrist, forearms, and elbows will be in a much better position when performing bicep curls using an EZ bar.

You may wonder what the difference between both these techniques is in terms of muscle engagement. Well, there is almost no difference whatsoever. Theoretically, the muscle engagement with an EZ bar is a tiny bit less than that with a straight bar. But this difference is too insignificant to prove an EZ bar any less effective.

However, the difference between both these techniques is significant when it comes to injury prevention and safety. Using a straight bar for bicep curls can lead to injuries in the forearms, elbows, and wrist. On the other hand, using an EZ bar puts the same areas of your arms in a reasonably comfortable position, allowing you to train harder without fearing an injury.

How To Perform EZ Bar Bicep Curl

As the name suggests, EZ bar bicep curls are easy to perform. Here are some tips on how to do this workout.

  • First off, stand with your knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Use an underhand grip to hold the bar and curl it up towards your chest. Make sure that your elbows are on both sides.

Here are some form tips for EZ bar bicep curls.

  1. The undulated middle section of an EZ bar allows for a semi-supinated grip. As a result, you will have a joint-friendly grip. At this point, you have to make sure that your wrists are in the strongest position possible. This grip will allow you to turn your wrists in when bringing the bar close to your chest. This way, you will also be training your forearm muscles.
  2. Remember, getting your biceps to work is the only way you can make them bigger. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate any momentum, which lessens the muscles’ job. Make sure that your arms are fully straight and your biceps tensed when starting the workout. Your elbows should not swing forward. The tension on your biceps should remain constant during the workout. When raising the bar, squeeze your biceps.
  3. When performing standing EZ bar bicep curls, ensure that your elbows remain tight on your sides. Moving the elbows up or forward will reduce tension on your biceps, essentially nullifying the workout impact. If you are performing this exercise on a preacher bench, your elbows and back of the upper arm should be level against the padding. Reduce the weight if you are unable to lift the bar without moving your elbows.
  4. Whether standing or sitting on a preacher bench, make sure that your shoulders remain retracted through an EZ bar bicep curl workout. Remember, shoulder hunching forward during this workout creates a poor posture, decreasing the range of motion and increasing pressure on your joints.
  5. Finally, make sure that your head and neck are aligned vertically during the entire set. You can achieve a level head by keeping your chin up. While dropping your chin may seem tempting, doing so will intensify pressure on your neck and spine.

Which Muscles Does An EZ Bar Target?

Targeting your bicep muscles is undoubtedly the number one reason you will want to use an EZ Bar. Whether you stand or bend over a device called a preacher bench, performing EZ bar bicep curls is easier than training your biceps with other equipment. While an EZ bar bicep curl primarily targets your bicep muscles, some other muscles like the brachialis and brachioradialis also benefit from this workout.

Needless to say, an EZ bar is not just for bicep workouts. While the shape of this bar naturally supports an ideal body form for a bicep workout, it can help train other muscle groups as well.

For instance, resting this bar on your shoulders with your palms underneath the bar and elbows straight up allows you to perform an intense triceps workout. Moreover, holding an EZ bar with an overhead grip and pulling it up trains your forearm muscles.

How Much does an EZ Bar Weigh?

The weight of an EZ bar depends on its type. Fundamentally, there are two types of EZ curl bars:

  • Standard curl bar: This bar is usually 120cm or 47 inches long and weighs between 12 and 17 pounds.  These curl bars are usually lower end, made with cheaper metal.
  • Olympic curl bar: This bar is a little beefier than the standard version. Its length is usually around 47 or 48 inches and weighs between 18 and 22 pounds.  The ISF Curl Bar falls into this category with a 28MM shaft and weighs in at 22lbs.
  • An Olympic curl bar is usually a more preferred option among athletes worldwide due to its easy grip and ability to load an adequate amount of weight. A well-made Olympic EZ bar – the one typically available at ISF – consists of a 28mm shaft and weighs around 22lbs, allowing you to perform more powerful EZ bar bicep curls. Moreover, the knurling of this bar allows for a tighter grip and swift bicep squeezing.


Where to Buy EZ Bar?

Among so many options available, ISF Fitness Equipment is an online resource that offers top-quality gym equipment, including EZ bicep curl bars, at discounted prices. The EZ bar you can buy from ISF is ISF EZ Curl Bar - Curling Barbell 2", which comes with better and stronger-looking specs than bars available elsewhere. Premium finishing, attractive coloring, and use of Cerakote make this EZ bar the top choice of every professional athletes.


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