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Brazen Cup 2019 Crossfit Link Competition

It was a great time at Brazen Cup 2019, held at Brazen Athletics (Crossfit Link) in Fairfield NJ. Thanks to Kristy Link, Courtney Roselle, Jason Schroeder, and the rest of the Brazen coaches and staff for putting on a great event and inviting ISF to be a part of it all.

Brazen Cup 2019 I Sell Fitness Crossfit Link ISF

A couple hundred people from all over the area gathered to compete outside or spectate on a perfect sunny Sunday. Brazen invited I Sell Fitness to be a vendor so we gave away some barbell collars to the podium winners, and set up a table for people to check out some ISF gear.

We spiced things up a little by doing a free barbell giveaway. Contestants simply had to follow @isellfitness on Instagram, tag some friends on this post, and then received a raffle ticket to be entered for the chance to win the bar. The winner was given the choice of either a 20kg Premier Bearing Bar or a 15kg Premier Bearing Bar. Both bars are 190k tensile strength with excellent whip and shaft rotation. They are heat treated alloy steel, capable of handling whatever can be thrown at them.

Our randomly selected barbell raffle winner was Milly and her husband Al, both Brazen Athletics members.  They picked up a 20kg copy of the Premier Bearing Bar.  We're happy that you got the chance to win this bar, please put it to good use, and thanks for tagging us on Instagram!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, great job to all the athletes who competed, and thanks again to Brazen for having us. We'll hope to see you at the next event. Be sure to stop by our table, you'll never know what we've got up our sleeves unless you do!

- Rob

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