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Which Kettlebell Size Is Right For You?

Which Kettlebell size is best for you?

A lot of people come to the ISF Headquarters, see our vast array of the kettlebells, and the first question we get asked at I Sell Fitness is what size kettlebell should I buy? That answer really depends on a lot of factors like your training regime and existing skill level.

ISF Kettlebells Big Boys

If you are a beginner to Kettlebell training, but not a beginner to exercise in general, and are looking for a starter kettlebell weight, we generally will recommend the 16KG - 35LB size or the 20KG - 44LB to the men and either a 8KG - 18lb or 12KG - 26lb for the women. For someone completely new to Kettlebells, and just starting out with exercise, scaling the weight down may be the path to follow. An out of shape man may want to start off with the 8KG - 18LB kettlebell, and and out of shape woman may want to go with 6KG - 13LB Kettlebell. Remember that in the world of exercise and trying new things, more does not always mean better.

The biggest issue to someone new to kettlebell training but already possessing an in shape athletic body, will really be learning the technique. We also feel when first learning proper movement, that erring on the lighter weight side is more beneficial in the long run. Form is very important in any athletic activity, and checking the ego will take you to far greater heights in your progression, plus learning the right form from the beginning will help to prevent injury and keep you moving forward without setback. Heavy Kettlebells will always be there, if and when you want them.

If you consider yourself a very active and in shape individual, the men may want to bump their starter weight up to a 24KG - 53LB Size and the women may want to bump themself up to a 16KG - 35LB Kettlebell. Of course all these guidelines we are presenting, aren't really set in stone and there really is no right or wrong answer here.

What exercise you're planning to do will also affect what size Kettlebell is right for you, and truthfully there is no one size fits all kettlebell size, as you advance in skill level, you may desire a heavier sized bell. Kettlebell swings for example are a much different exercise than something like a Turkish Get Up and the kettlebell size for each exercise will likely vary. Then again, the Turkish Get Up is a more advanced Kettlebell move requiring very controlled movements, generally people spend a good amount of time practicing the movement and working their way up to what can turn into some very significant weight.

Here in the video below, Colin Daring took his 24KG-53LB ISF Kettlebell to the ball field. Colin is an example of someone of advanced athletic ability and someone who is an expert on Kettlebell use. He makes this routine look easy, but in reality we would not suggest for the beginner kettlebeller to try and duplicate what he shows here, he is incorporating many advanced techniques including presses, swings, cleans, squats, and juggling into a very smooth work flow.

In conclusion, what you really want to get out of your training, and what skill level you're starting out at will really affect your choice of kettlebell starting weight. We can tell you, if you're still unclear which is right for you, that the 16KG - 35LB Kettlebell is our most popular sized bell! So while your choice may be plus or minus, it does seem to be a good default size.


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