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IN-STOCK orders ship within 1-5 business days. FREE SHIPPING USA 48 (most items) & FREE PICKUP NJ. Delivery & Installs NJ NY PA CT. Larger Orders Contact For Best Pricing.
IN-STOCK orders ship within 1-5 business days. FREE SHIPPING USA 48 (most items) & FREE PICKUP NJ. Delivery & Installs NJ NY PA CT. Larger Orders Contact For Best Pricing.

SelectEDGE Dip / Chin Assist 1122 Legend


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SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist 1122

  • Three grip options: wide, neutral and rock climbing.
  • Dip handles rotate out of the way for chin-ups.
  • Thickly padded knee platform folds away for unassisted reps.
  • UHMW steps with high traction surfaces.
  • PowerMax pulleys prolong cable life.
  • 160-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments.
  • No-cost two-tone upholstery.
  • Dimensions: 47.5"x44.5"x89"
  • Ship Weight: 720 LBS


This Dip/Chin Assist Combo brings the SelectEDGE hallmarks of style and thoughtful features to two of the most beneficial body weight exercises. Dips and chin-ups (or pull-ups) are among the oldest and most effective upper body exercises. Being compound exercises with a base difficulty level that is equal to how much you weigh, they can be difficult for beginners. That’s where a device that offers adjustable counterbalance weight comes in handy.

Dip/chin assist machines are nothing new, but we decided to add some great features to make ours stand out from the crowd. Things like nicely finished dip handles that rotate through 180 degrees to offer wide and narrow positions. Flip them both inward to have your hands by your hips during dips. Rotate them out to keep them out of the way during pull-ups. We also offer three different grips for pull-ups/chin-ups: ergonomically angled wide grips, close neutral grips, and very grippy rock climbing holds. If you don’t need weighted assistance, the top-stitched knee pad folds away with the click of a pop pin.

Sleek, rounded styling looks right at home in today’s advanced club environments. Everything works like it’s supposed to because it’s designed and built in the USA.


The SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo comes with a 200 pound weight stack. Adder plates are available aftermarket only. There are no upgrade options available.

NOTE: This machine uses the first 40-pounds of the weight stack as a counterbalance to offset the weight of the knee pad, so the actual amount of usable weight is 160 pounds.


1122 SelectEDGE Dip/Chin Assist Combo Dimensions


  • 300 LB weight stack upgrade (10lb plates)
  • Two Tone Upholstery

Legend Fitness equipment is made to order. Lead time from order placement is typically 8-15 weeks before shipping.  We offer customization with 16 different frame colors and 87 upholstery colors.  Customizations such as logo and two tone colors available at additional cost.  Full Commercial suitable for any weight room, high school, collegiate, professional sports team, ect.  Weight room installs are available nationwide.  For full gym quotations or larger orders, please contact us.

Legend Frame Color Chart

Legend Frame Color Chart

Legend Upholstery Color Chart

Legend Upholstery Color Chart

Please Note: Depending on the type of monitor you use, actual frame & upholstery colors in above charts can vary slightly from how they appear on your monitor.

After placing your order, we will confirm your color choices with you via email.