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Rowing Machine Aqua Water Rower
Rowing Machine Aqua Water Rower
Rowing Machine Aqua Water Rower
Rowing Machine Aqua Water Rower
Rowing Machine Aqua Water Rower

Rowing Machine Aqua Water Rower

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Gain an edge to your workout regimen with the AquaVitae Water Rower. This water-based resistance rower provides a challenging, but safe, full-body exercise routine that will help you develop strong core muscles and tone all of your key body parts such as your arms, hips, and legs! In fact, people burn an average of 600 calories per hour when using the Aqua Rower.

Aqua Rower is an excellent way to get in shape and stay that way! The Aqua Rower is a full-body exercise machine that targets muscles on both sides of your body as well as the major muscle groups on your upper and lower body.

This Aqua Rower is perfect for beginners and experts! Working out with the Aqua Rower can also help reduce back pain and improve posture. As the muscles in your upper back stabilize and strengthen, so does their ability to support joints, tendons, and ligaments, reducing weight from other parts of your body that may be susceptible to injury or discomfort from poor posture over time.


Low Impact exercise that goes easy on your joints

Low Impact

    • Water-Based Resistance
    • Less Stress on joints, tendons, and ligaments
  • The Lifespan Aqua Rower is a low-impact, water-based resistance machine that achieves results as though it were a high-impact, high intensity machine, without putting stress on your joints, tendons, and ligaments. Water-based exercises reduce stress while freeing you to focus on form more intently. It also drastically reduces the risk of injury and allows you to push your intensity levels because you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself.


A full body workout, working your back, biceps, quads, glutes, core and more

Full Body Workout

    • Targets Back, Biceps, Quads, Glutes, Core, and more
    • Burn up to 600 Calories/Hour
  • Lifespan Fitness’s new Aqua Rower is a great way to combine strength training and cardio. It will train your muscles in a different way and all at once while burning more calories! The high-speed design of the Lifespan Aqua Rower makes it easy and accessible for everyone , even those who have trained using water resistance before. Similar to our office treadmill desks, the Aqua Rower will help you burn more calories in a shorter period of time with the Aqua Rower so you can focus on your work, relaxation, and recreation.


Space saving and easy to store

Space Saving Equipment

    • Make the most out of your Small Space
    • 23.5" Wide x 32" Deep
    • Less Stress on joints, tendons, and ligaments
  • The Lifespan Aquatic Rower is an innovative piece of equipment that can be used by those who want to save space, but still get a powerful and low impact workout. With a compact footprint, the Aqua Rower has built-in wheels that allow for each rolling in and out of your room for convenient storage.


  • Display
    Interactive LED screen
  • Heart Rate Monitor
    Works with 5.3 kHz Wireless Heart Rate Strap
  • Programs
    Manual and Race modes


  • Gross Weight
    78.9 lbs
  • Resistance System
  • Country of Origin
  • Transport
    2 Front Wheels
  • Dimensions
    81.5” L x 20.3” W x 38.2” H
  • Step-Up Height
    7.5” - 8” for rail. 13” for seat
  • Product Weight
    78.9 lbs
  • Max. User Weight
    330 lbs
  • Warranty

    Frame: 3 Years
    Parts: 1 Year
    Labor: 1 Year