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ISF Power Rack 90" 3x3
ISF Power Rack 90" 3x3
ISF Power Rack 90" 3x3
ISF Power Rack 90" 3x3

ISF Power Rack 90" 3x3

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The ISF Power Rack is built tough with it's 11 gauge 3x3 uprights.  Rack is 5/8" hardware with westside 1" spaced through bench and clean zone.  Weighs in at about 300 lbs and it's a full commercial piece suitable for any gym.  UHMW lined J-Cups.  Four posts with an overall 53"x53"x90" footprint.  

Band peg holes (pictured band pegs sold separately.)  Pin & Pipe safeties.  Fat & skinny pull up bar in rear.  Single pull up bar in the front.  One pair of J-Cups included with rack.  Rack can be bolted if desired.  This is a super duty professional level power rack suitable for any home or commercial gym.

Sold with or without Rear stabilizer bottom post.

Are Power Racks worth it?

The ISF Power Rack is extremely heavy duty. Our rack is made with 3x3 11 gauge tubing. It weighs in at over 300 lbs, which is more than twice as beefy as low end four post racks which can come in at 120-130lbs of material. This means that the rack is pretty much bomb proof. You will never have to worry about the rack failing should you ever need to make use of it as a safety device. Four post Power Cages are just more sturdy, more safe, and very versatile. If you do all your exercises from within the rack with the proper safety set up (pin and pipe comes standard with the ISF Power Rack) then in the event you cannot complete your lifting movement for whatever the reason, the ISF Power Rack will have you covered. Can't get that last rep on bench press back up to the J-Cups? No problem, bring the bar down to the safeties. Stuck on the bottom of your squat with 700lbs on your back? No problem, the ISF Power Rack will support a fall or drop. This is a rack that will support the average lifter all the way up to to the strongest athlete in the world and everyone in between. ISF will be launching a full line up of accessories soon to complement the ISF Power Rack so that it can expand with you.  Purely from a safety standpoint, Power Racks are worth their purchase, and from a functional view they are very versatile.