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ISF Wooden Plyobox
ISF PlyoBox - Wood Plyometric Box - 3-in-1

ISF PlyoBox - Wood Plyometric Box - 3-in-1

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Do you want to recruit more muscles by jumping or stepping? ISF Plyoboxes allow you to do just that. The ISF Plyo box is built solidly like a tank, with internal reinforcement and high grade wood perfect for CrossFit and plyometric workouts. Burn fat in a HIIT workout with this solid wood construction with internal support built of high-grade plywood with internal bracing for maximum durability and a stable base. ISF wooden 3 in 1 Ploy box will be stable at your chosen 30" 24" or 20" height.

ISF Wooden Plyo Box

  • ✓Easy-to-Assemble Plyometric Jump Box
  • ✓Internal Bracing Support
  • ✓Jumping Trainers
  • ✓Workout Step Platform
  • ✓HIIT Equipment for Fitness
  • ✓Box-Squats and Steps-up
  • ✓3 Sides in 1 box 20",24",30"

The ISF 3-in-1 Plyobox is made with smooth and rounded sanded sides to make it safer and easier on the shins. The 30"x24"x20" sides offer a 3 in 1 box to save more space in your gym – rotate the box for a different height with our advanced design for great stability. The wooden Plyo box allows you to increase strength, agility, and power required in all athletic sports. Its solid and compact structure enables all athletes to do any types of exercises with great stability perfect for CrossFit, MMA, and plyometric trainings. The ISF wooden ploybox is a great piece of home gym equipment for all of your explosive training programs that require quick and powerful movements such as plyometric exercises. It’s also great for CrossFit workouts, MMA, Powerlifting box-squats, and steps-up using just body weight or ISF dumbbells or ISF kettlebells.

Features & Details
-30"x24"x20" - Save more space with one box only that can be rotated to vary your desired jump height to 3 height levels.
-Commercial-duty wooden construction: constructed with internal bracing for maximum strength and to support heavy-weight athletes
-Ideal for plyometric exercise, crossfit, mma: Plyometric moves are the ones in which the strength, elasticity, and muscle innervations get used to jump higher - throw farther - hit harder. -Perfect for step-ups, box squats, CrossFit work and MMA
-Advanced design for jumping: Features pre-drilled holes for quick assembly and rounded corners where you can put maximum efforts without getting hurt. Poly-coated outer layer to protect the exterior.
-Suitable for commercial or home use: The ISF Box is durable, stable, easy to use & assemble, which is a perfect choice for a fitness facility with numerous users and ideal for you to do jumping exercises at a home gym, basement gym, or garage gym.

ISF 3-in-1 Wooden Plyometric Jump Box:
20 inch Side
24 inch Side
30 inch Side
Dimensions: 20" x 30" x 24" three sides in one box