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ISF Bam Bar 20kg Black
ISF Bam Bar 15kg Blue Bearing
ISF Bam Bar 15kg Pink
ISF Bam Bar 20kg Blue
ISF Bam Bar 20kg Red
ISF Bam Bar 15kg Red
ISF Bam Bar Needle Bearing Barbell 28mm
ISF Bam Bar Needle Bearing Barbell 28mm
ISF Bam Bar Needle Bearing Barbell 28mm
ISF Bam Bar Needle Bearing Barbell 28mm
ISF Bam Bar 20kg
ISF Bam Bar Needle Bearing Barbell 28mm
ISF Bam Bar 20kg Blue
ISF Bam Bar Needle Bearing Barbell 28mm

ISF Bam Bar Needle Bearing Barbell 28mm

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ISF Bam Bar needle bearing barbell 28MM or 25MM shaft for olympic weightlifting and crossfit with 190k PSI heat treated alloy steel and a medium depth knurl with a 2000 lb rating (1500 lb on 15kg.)  We designed this bar for the home garage gym or commercial user in mind wanting smooth shaft spin and good whip by using high quality alloy steel and adding in ten needle bearings (4 bearings on 25mm) for the least shaft to sleeve resistance. We coated the entire bar in a ceramic finish that offers superior rust and corrosion resistance.  The dual knurl marks are for both Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting.  The value of this bar to an Olympic weightlifter at this price point is unmatched.  Snatch, jerk, and clean away.  The bar is built tough, it will permanently deform by only 1.0MM held with 1000KG load for 100 seconds.  **Please note that ceramic finishes do tend to scratch and wear with metal to metal contact.**


- Type: Olympic Barbell
- Weight: 20KG/44LB : 15KG/33LB
- Length: 86" (20KG) : 79" (15KG)
- Bar Shaft Diameter: 28MM (20KG) : 25MM (15KG) : 28.5MM (20KG Fully Chrome)
- Sleeve Diameter: 1.98"
- Sleeve loading area: 16.25" (20KG) : 12.5" (15KG)
- Use: Olympic Weightlifting, General Use
- Fits: Olympic sized weight plates with 2" sleeves
- Sleeve Finish: Ceramic Coating Black, Chrome
- Shaft Finish: Ceramic Blue/Red/Black/Chrome on 20KG; Red/Pink on 15KG
- Center Knurl: No
- Knurl: Medium
- Knurl Marks: Oly & Power Lifts marks
-Bushing/Bearing: 10 Needle Bearings on 20KG, 4 Needle Bearings on 15kg; Bushing on Chrome 20KG 
- Tensile Strength: 190K PSI
- Straightness Deviation: 0.40mm
- Audible drop noise level: medium

Who should buy the ISF Bam Bar?

A seasoned athlete or affiliate owner, may wish to consider the ISF Bam Bar. The Bam Bar is the best value all-around training barbell you can get with fast shaft rotation due to the 10 Needle Bearings (4 bearings in 15kg). ISF Olympic Bars are some of the best training barbells for aspiring weightlifters without having to spend $500+ on some big name brand. Find the Bam Barbell in both a 20KG Men's version with a 28mm bar shaft, and a 15KG Woman's version with a 25mm bar shaft. The woman version will be shorter, thinner, and lighter than the Men's version. The Bam Bar features a medium depth knurling easy on the hands.

Watch Caleb G run through a clean and jerk complex with his Fully Black Ceramic ISF Bam Bar:


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