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ISF 260LB Bumper Plate Set

ISF 260LB Bumper Plate Set

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ISF 260LB bumper plates set is our best bumper plate set and is a premium solid black rubber weight plate set.  We source durable low bounce rubber designed to drop.  The 2" galvanized steel insert is made to fit snugly on an Olympic barbell of 2" diameter and is reinforced by welded hooks which the rubber moulds around to create a strong bond.

260 LBS black rubber bumper plate set (2 PCS 45,35,25,15,10 LBS) 

- Galvanized steel insert: 50.4mm-50.6mm
- Plate diameter: 17.72" (450mm), 10s are 442mm
- Plate width 45LB: 2 8" 
- Plate width 35LB: 2.4"
- Plate width 25LB: 1.75" 
- Plate width 15LB: 1.25" 
- Plate width 10LB: 1.00" 
- Fits Olympic sized barbells with 2" sleeves 
- Color: Black with white font
- Durometer averages: 45/35/25: 88 // 15:90 // 10:92

ISF Bumper Plates have a Low, dead bounce.  Your plates won't hop around on you when they hit the floor.  We use a high density rubber formula designed by a senior polymer engineer to make our plates the most durable bumper plates on market.  We have drop tested many plates to failure in order to study how plates perform, and to use that knowledge to increase ISF bumper plate durability.  The outcome is one of the most durable bumper plates for sale.

Who Should Buy Bumper Plates?

If you are looking to either be able to drop your barbell, or to be able to protect your floors then bumper plates are right for you.  Bumper Plates are made of solid rubber with the intent of being made to drop.  ISF bumper plates are currently on iteration number three, we have made improvements to our plates based on extensive human drop testing in order to learn how to maximize plate durability.  We sourced rubber made of highly durable natural material, rather than using foreign or recycled rubber which is a cheaper product and degrades quicker.  By taking this step, we were able to make our plates thin at 2.8" on the 45lb plates.  This is due to natural rubber being more dense.  Plates with diameters in excess of 3" are usually made with some percentage of recycled rubber.  We have found the right mix in rubber formula to bring to market extremely durable weight plates made to drop and withstand the abuse thrown at them by the athletes most intensive of workouts, whether that be in a commercial or home setting.  ISF Bumper Plates will do the job whether you are building out that garage or basement gym, or are an affiliate opening up a new Box gym.