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Atlas Stones

Atlas Stones Strongman Stone

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ISF Atlas Stones are built tough made of solid concrete shaped into a round ball used in Strongman events and any training where explosiveness and power is desired. Atlas stones are a unique workout tool used to train the core, abs, glutes, and the back. Atlas stones are old school inspired training tools mimicking feats of strength from earlier times before things like weights even existed and people trained with what was around them, like rocks. Atlas Stones are a round weighted ball, the athlete hugs the ball from underneath and picks it up usually raising it up to a platform or over a bar. This becomes a full body workout which can assist any athlete looking to improve full body strength and recruit muscle in new ways. Collegiate athletes, powerlifters, MMA fighters, and everyday home gym goers can all benefit from Atlas Stone training.  

ISF Atlas Stones are made to order. Please note that there is a 2 to 4 week lead time in order to make the stones and have the concrete cure. If you cancel your order after we begin production, there is a 30% order cancellation fee.  ISF Atlas Stones are made in the North East USA (15 years making stones) and climate will affect curing times. Stones ordered in colder months will take longer to cure than stones made in warmer months so please plan accordingly. Stones can be shipped out freight, or we offer free local pickup in Wayne NJ or Bellmawr NJ at an ISF Fitness Equipment warehouse. 

ISF Stones are made in the following sizes and diameters. Please note that there is a +/- 5LB tolerance on all stones.  Also to note, color tones of concrete can vary between batches.  This is all due to the manner in which the concrete cures and production batch variances like the type of concrete used in the production of different batches.  Also, the apray painted weight value can vary in color to what is shown in the pictures.

Atlas Stone Diameter to Weight of stone:

12” 50 Lb to 85lbs
13” 90 Lb to 100lbs
14” 105 Lb to 130lbs
16” 145 Lb to 190 lbs
18” 200 Lb to 300lbs
20” 300 Lb to 390lbs
22” 390 Lb to 500lbs+

We can make custom sizes in the above ranges, if you require custom sizes that we do not offer as listed in the drop down purchase menu, please send us an email with sizes and quantities needed.  Any order over 150lb will ship out freight.  We make our stones with a small flat area in one spot to prevent rolling during storage.

If you wants stones faster, please inquire if we have any currnt inventory.  For example, we sometimes have more odd sized stock like 115s, 130s, 235s, ect.  The odd sizes are easier to produce and as such we'll keep more inventory of those sizes.