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New York Bumper Plates NYC 5 Boroughs

ISF Fitness Equipment is the premier supplier of bumper plates and fitness equipment to the NY Metro Area. Our bumper plate sets are the best quality you will find and will hold up to the test of the most demanding of environments. If you are in NYC or surrounding areas we are centrally located in Totowa NJ, only 20 minutes over the GWB during off peak drive times and right off the highway. We can load you up fast, and you'll be back home in no time! For larger orders we also offer freight shipping or local delivery to all NY 5 boroughs, but if you're our neighbor you might as well make the drive and save that cost to put towards more NY Bumper Plates.

Why ISF Bumper Plates?

We source the best quality rubber, in fact our plates are manufactured by a Senior Polymer Engineer. With our extensive human drop testing, we have made consistent improvement to our design and formula. Because we test against the competition, we know that the New York Bumper Plates we sell are some of the most durable on market. Coupled with a unique and attractive design, the ISF Fitness Equipment weight plates are highly desirable.

We manufacture our plates with high quality dense 100% natural rubber. There is no filler with recycled material and cheaper components. Rest assured ISF plates are made to drop and our 45lb weight plates are thin at only 2.8" thick as compared to the typical 3.25" found on cheap bumper plates.  In addition our plates are made to within +/-1% weight accuracy, which is very respectabe. Drop away and our plates will not bounce all around on you that's because we offer a dead bounce.

We offer free local pickups 7 days a week at the ISF Totowa NJ fitness superstore. If you want to avoid traffic, we are happy to accommodate after hour pickups to minimize drive times.

ISF bumper plates are made for dropping. That's why we made our plates with recessed knurled edges. This allows for easier pickup when flat on the floor. Load your plates onto the bar, drop away.  Our plates are perfect for your home or garage gym, and we supply many of the areas Crossfit box gyms.  If you are an affiliate be sure to check us out today.