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ISF Everyday Bar 20kg Black Full
ISF Everyday Bar 28MM - Olympic Barbell
ISF Everyday Bar 20kg Black Partial
ISF Everyday Bar 20kg Blue Full
ISF Everyday Bar 20kg Blue Partial
ISF Everyday Bar Blue & Black 20kg
ISF Everyday Bar 20kg Blue Red Black
ISF Everyday Bar 28MM - Olympic Barbell
ISF Everyday Bar 28MM - Olympic Barbell
ISF Everyday Bar 28MM - Olympic Barbell
ISF Everyday Bar 28MM - Olympic Barbell

ISF Everyday Bar 28MM - Olympic Barbell

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ISF Everyday Bar is an olympic barbell made to withstand the rigors of home or commercial use with a 2000 LB weight capacity rating. It is our budget friendly bar perfect for use at any level from beginner to professional. We designed this bar for the home gym or commercial user in mind wanting a good performing every day bar at a great value.  This bushing bar has good shaft spin and good whip for those olympic lifts, but not too crazy a spin that can sometimes get annoying on compound lifts like the bench press or squat!  The bar will permanently deform by only 1.0mm held under 1000kg load for 100 seconds. 

- Type: Men's or Women's Olympic Barbell
- Weight: 20KG/44LB or 15KG/33LB
- Length: 86.63" 
- Bar Shaft Diameter: 28MM or 25MM
- Sleeve Diameter: 1.98"
- Sleeve loading area: 16.25" or 12.50"
- Use: Olympic Weightlifting, General Use
- Fits: Olympic sized weights with 2" holes 
- Sleeve Finish: Hard Chrome
- Shaft Finish: Black Oxide, Red/Blue Ceramic*
- Center Knurl: No
- Knurl: Medium on Phosphate, slightly lessor on Ceramic
- Bushing/Bearing: Bushing
- Tensile Strength: 190k PSI

Who should buy the ISF Everyday Bar?

The ISF Everyday Bar is a great everyday bar at a good price and is considered the best well rounded entry level bar. If you're building a gym or box, this is a great starter bar, It's probably the best box bar if you're looking for a well rounded barbell. The ISF Everyday Bar weighs in at 20kg and is a 7' olympic barbell with a 28mm bar shaft. The barbell features a medium depth knurl which makes for an attractive bar for both compound, lower repetition work, and higher volume sets.  Want more shaft rotation?  Then consider the ISF Bam Bar here.

What lifts can I do with this barbell?

The ISF Everyday Bar is a well rounded barbell suitable for any type of weight training.  You can perform lifts like the bench press, the deadlift, the squat, or olympic movements such as cleans and snatches.  Anything you can do with a barbell can be done with the Everyday Bar, hence why we named it as being an everyday barbell.

We offer the Everyday Barbell for shipping across the USA or free local pickup at an ISF warehouse in NJ or FL.

*Please note that while ceramic finish offers a superior resistance to corrosion, it does tend to wear faster with metal to metal contact than as with some other finishes.  Oxide is also a thin coating and offers lower corrosion resistance.  Proper upkeep is required to prevent rusting on oxide.



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