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ISF Deadlift Bar 27MM Header
ISF Deadlift Bar Blue Cerakote
ISF Bare Steel Deadlift Bar
ISF Deadlift Bar Black Ceramic Cerakote 27mm Barbell
ISF Deadlifting Deadlift Barbell  27mm
ISF Deadlift Bar Black Oxide Chre Sleeves
ISF Deadlift Bar 27mm Black Chrome
ISF Deadlift Bar Blue Cerakote
I Sell Fitness Deadlift Barbell Bare Steel 27mm
ISF Deadlift Bar Red Ceramic 27mm
ISF Deadlift Bar Red 27mm
Red ISF Deadlift Barbell 27mm
Pink ISF Ceraakote Deadlift 27mm Barbell
ISF Pink Dead Lift Bar 27mm
ISF Pink Deadlift Bar 27mm
ISF Deadlift Bar The Most Aggressive knurling

ISF Deadlift Bar 27MM - Deadlifting Barbell

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If you're looking for the best deadlift bar with the most whip, it's the ISF Deadlift Barbell.  Our Deadlifting bar features a thin flexible 27mm shaft with a sharp, deep, and aggressive knurling made from a durable steel to maximize whip.  We tested many alloys to bring this deadlifting barbell to market while forklift deadlift testing the steel, to find properties we were looking for: the right balance between bar flex with a bar under load, and the ability to return to straight without a permanent bend for a lifetime of proper usage.  After many months of internal testing, and with lots of hands on feedback from the North East USA Powerlifting community, we brought one of the best 27mm Deadlift Bars to the Powerlifting market featuring lots of whip and the most aggressive knurling we could forge into a barbell, all with the intent of allowing the athlete to lift more weight from the floor.

Key Specs & Features of the ISF Deadlift Bar:

- 27mm shaft diameter
- 2330mm overall bar length (91.73")
- 15.75" loadable area on Friction Welded Sleeves
- 16.5" of no center knurl
- Has the most aggressive knurl 
- 20kg barbell weight (+/- 100g)

We are currently offering the ISF Dead Lift Bar in a polished bare steel shaft to maximize the aggressive knurling, a black oxide coating, which is a very thin coating also allowing for a good grip, and blue or red ceramic Cerakote. Note that with bare steel or black oxide, while great for maximizing grip, both options will require maintenance to prevent rusting.  Also of importance, ceramic coatings due tend to wear with contact, especially from metal to metal contact. All sleeves for all options are hard chrome finish to help reduce sleeve wear between weight plates and barbell.  The ISF Deadlift Bar weighs in at 20kg, or 44lb.

The ISF Deadlift Bar is currently in a Version 2 (V2) production run.  We sourced whippier steel, and made the bar longer than a Power Bar, allowing for the pulling out of additional slack before lift off from the floor.

What Bar Should I Use For Deadlift?

To work on your deadlift, we offer one of the best 27mm deadlifting barbells on market, the ISF Deadlift Bar. This is a specialty barbell which is designed to help the athlete lift more weight from the floor. By making the shaft thinner, and the barbell a little longer, this barbell for deadlifting allows slack to be pulled from the bar before the plates are lifted off the ground. This allows for the lifter to exert a little less energy and go through a slightly shorter range of motion during the lift as compared to the range of motion while using a stiffer barbell. Keep in mind if you are a competitive Powerlifter, your federation may have rules as to what bars are allowed. Some federations use a 27mm Deadlift bar on their deadlifting platform, while others may require the lift to be performed with a 29mm Power Bar.

What is the difference between a barbell and a deadlift bar?

A Deadlift Bar is a barbell, it is simply a specialized barbell. Because a deadlift bar is made to flex with a thinner shaft and a longer overall length, the Deadlift Bar should only be used for deadlifting. A 29mm power bar for example can be used for any of the big three lifts: squat bench or deadlift as it is rather stiff. Squatting or bench pressing heavy weight on a deadlift bar would see the weight flex up and down tremendously which could negatively affect the athletes balance and centering due to the fact that the bar will be flexing under the load of the weights.

Is a Deadlift Bar Worth It?

This all depends on how badly you want the weight to move. If you are trying to eek out pulling every last gram of weight, then a Deadlift Bar is worth it's cost. If your powerlifting federation uses the 27mm Deadlift Bar in their events, then you may want the deadlift bar for training purposes to familiarize yourself with it so there are no surprises on meet day. Maybe you just want to try somthing different to spice up your training? Really you need to ask yourself if the cost outweighs what benefits you see with pulling on a deadlifting specific barbell.  Of course we want you to pull the trigger on the ISF Deadlift Bar.

How much does the deadlift bar weigh?

The ISF Deadlift Bar is the standard 20kg bar weight. This is the pound equivalent to 44 lbs and is a typical weight for most barbells.  Our powerlifting barbells, the 32mm Squat Bar, the 29mm Power Bar, and the 27mm Deadlifting Bar are all made to within a +/- 100 gram weight tolerance.  

What Customers say about the ISF Deadlift Bar?

Review by Chris B. on 20 Feb 2021

Amazing bar

I bought this after going back and forth between a Texas power bars deadlift bar and this. I had used a TDL bar before but never the ISF bar and after taking a chance on it I could not have been more pleased. the ISF deadlift bar is amazing and a direct competitor, if not superior, to the TDL. Highly recommend it. 

Review by Brian D. on 24 May 2021

Highly recommended!

Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive purchasing this bar. Perhaps it was the name? But I am too happy we purchased this bar. I am extremely impressed with the quality. The knurling is extremely aggressive and the whip is perfect. Compared to my Ohio and Texas DL bars, this bar is of the same caliber if not better. The price was almost too good to be true as well. I'm looking forward to how it stands the test of time in our commercial facility. Hats off the people at ISF.  

Watch the ISF Deadlift Bar in Action:

Daniel Bell Powerlifter (2606.9 Total Wraps #1 World Rank) pulling on his Bare Steel ISF Deadlift Barbell 27MM