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Should I Buy an Adjustable Bench or Flat Bench?

The quality and suitability of gym equipment have a huge say in your fitness regimen. What components you choose for your workouts can make or break your bodybuilding gains. One of the components that make a significant difference is the weight bench.

Generally, you can choose between an adjustable bench and a flat bench. Each of these benches comes with a different set of attributes. For instance, flat benches come with a flat design and are more appropriate for super heavy bench pressing and powerlifting. On the other hand, adjustable benches have a reduced pressure threshold but offer increased versatility in terms of the back support angles.

This article will briefly describe the most salient attributes of both adjustable and flat benches, so read on.

Characteristics of a Flat Bench

Despite its simple look, a flat bench comes with several notable features that are pretty popular among a large group of fitness enthusiasts. Here is a quick overview of some of those features.

Characteristics of a Flat Bench

More stable with Extra Strength

The fact that flat benches are used for bench pressing during powerlifting competitions is good enough proof of their unparalleled stability and strength. If these benches were not stronger, there was no reason powerlifters would use them.

What makes those benches so durable and stable? The answer to this question is a no-brainer: the back support and the seat of these benches are one piece. On the other hand, an adjustable bench has a distant gap between the seat and the back support. Furthermore, flat benches are less likely to wobble, again due to their one-piece frame.

Another feature that adds to the stability and strength of flat benches is their leg support. The legs of these benches are more stable thanks to heavy gauge metal used in their construction and thick non-slip rubber caps gripping the floor. The compact structure of a flat bench allows it to remain stable even with a slender leg structure.

Uniform Cushion

The one uniform cushion used on a flat bench allows a powerlifter to remain focused on their workout instead of minding a distant gap between the seat and the back support. This gap can be particularly uncomfortable when you try to lift heavier weight.

Due to this uniform padding on top, you can lie on the bench down on your back without even considering the position of your lower back arch. The bench underneath you will support your entire back in a pretty uniform way.

Smaller in Height

The small height of the bench can be a significant benefit in the case of bench press, in which your center of gravity and legs are rooted firmly into the floor. This way, you will get an extra bit of support, particularly when you have to lift a fully loaded bar.

However, this very attribute can be a pitfall for taller people who could use a longer and higher bench to maintain their body’s ideal symmetry for the workout.

Characteristics of an Adjustable Bench

An adjustable bench, also known as an FID bench, is exactly what it sounds like. This bench comes with back support that you can adjust in the incline, flat, or decline position, depending on your preferences. This versatile piece of equipment helps you train several body areas and muscle groups and is advantageous in several different ways.

We will run through some notable features of an adjustable bench to help you understand why it is a good option for a majority of fitness trainers worldwide.

Characteristics of an Adjustable Bench


The most significant attribute and probably the biggest advantage of an adjustable bench is its versatility. This bench lets you perform multiple exercises thanks to its back support, which you can set at different angles. The positions of the back support are classified into flat, incline, and decline.

Saying that multiple angles allow you to train in the best possible way is not an overstatement. With the help of this adjustability, you can train different muscle groups from various angles to achieve precise fitness goals. In simple words, the versatility alone makes an adjustable bench a better option for most fitness trainers out there.

An Overall Longer Bench Pad

While an adjustable bench comes with two separate pads, the overall pad length of this bench is more than that of a flat bench. While an increased pad length explicitly benefits taller people, it is also more comfortable for individuals with regular height. Moreover, with extra length comes extra width, meaning that you can set your back on the bench more easily.


An adjustable bench is equipped with wheels in the base. These wheels allow for better mobility of the bench to a location of your choice. All you have to do is to lift one side and move the bench to your desired location. The mobility comes in quite handy when you have to move the bench pretty quickly. For instance, you can get it out from under a squat rack, perform a set of bench presses, and then move it back for reverse flyes – all without getting strained. On the other hand, a flat bench – which doesn’t have any wheels – turns out to be a pain in the neck as far as mobility is concerned.


The benefits of mobility of an adjustable bench extend to its storability. However, there is more to storability than just mobility. As you may notice, an adjustable bench can become compact at a certain degree, allowing you to tuck it into a smaller area or a corner of your fitness training area. Since your garage gym is not a pretty wide space, you can benefit more from this feature.

Why is an Adjustable Bench a Better Option?

A flat bench allows for more intense training and is certainly a durable piece of gym gear. But, does a serious powerlifter prefer working out at home with fewer components or going to a commercial gym to have access to all kinds of machines and weights? That’s not to say that getting a flat bench for a garage gym is a bad idea. Sure, you can get a flat bench if you think you do not need much versatility in your exercise.

However, not many people building a garage gym stay dedicated to a single workout to become powerlifters. They want an overall nice support to their bench-based workouts at different angles of the back support. For this reason, an adjustable bench is usually a viable choice for a garage gym. On top of that, adjustable benches available today are less wobbly, meaning that you won’t have any issues related to stability during the workout.

Where to Buy a Flat or Adjustable Bench for Your Home Gym?

Whether you want a flat or adjustable bench, your best bet is to choose a vendor providing top-of-the-line gym equipment. One of the most trusted sources of gym equipment is ISF (I Sell Fitness), an online brand committed to providing the best-quality gym gear at the most reasonable prices. We sell both flat and adjustable benches to power up your fitness regimen.

One of the adjustable benches we sell at ISF is Adjustable Weight Bench FID Flat Incline Decline 1,000LB, which consists of heavy gauge metal and a precise ladder-type system to help you set the back support at your desired angle. We also sell flat benches, one of which is the ISF Flat Bench Utility Weight Bench Tank. This bench has a simple design and is highly durable for your bench presses. Both these benches are available at a discounted price.

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