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Advantages of Owning a Functional Trainer

A functional trainer is one piece of equipment you want in your garage gym for many different reasons. It’s an all-in-one machine that allows you to work every specific part of your body to achieve your dream physique.

This machine is known as a functional trainer because it helps improve the natural functions of several body areas. The complex mechanism of this equipment allows you to pull its cabling in many different ways, each of which targets a specific body part or muscle group.

For instance, if you are a golfer, you may pull cables of a functional trainer to improve your swing. Similarly, you may want to improve your throw using this system if you are a baseball player.

Moreover, a functional trainer allows you to perform almost all workouts possible with different kinds of free weights. Now, let’s have a quick overview of the different advantages of having a functional trainer in your garage gym.

Benefits of Owning a Garage Gym

There is no limit to the number of exercises you can perform with a functional trainer. If you work out in a gym, you may notice this equipment constantly being engaged at any given time. Out of plenty of good reasons, we will discuss a few to elaborate on the importance of having a functional trainer in your garage gym.

  • Lots of Variations

  • Probably the biggest benefit and the most significant reason to have a functional trainer in your home gym is that it allows you to perform an unimaginably large number of exercises. The dynamic mechanism of this equipment lets you train every single body part and muscle group.

    A functional trainer allows you to perform full and varied sessions of full-body training and split training.

    Now, here is a list of exercises and their variations you can perform with a functional trainer.

    • Shoulders: lat raise, shoulder press, upright rows, cable crossover, reverse fly’s
    • Chest: chest press from various angles, cable fly’s
    • Arms: hammer curls, bicep curls, overhead triceps extensions
    • Legs: straight-legged deadlift, leg raises, cable squats, Glute kickbacks
    • Back: Rows, single-arm rows, pull-downs, straight-arm pushdowns

    With the help of this machine, you can perform functional training to improve the strength of any of your particular body areas. This characteristic makes a functional trainer a must-have training platform, particularly for athletes requiring help with assistance movements.

  • Several Attachment Options

  • The design of functional trainers and their cable hooks allow you to use many different attachments. The most significant advantage of this feature is that it helps you train various muscle groups with different variations. For instance, you can work your biceps with hammer curls, which require using a rope attachment. On the other hand, performing bicep curls will require you to use a straight bar.

    Other attachment options with a functional trainer include barbells, rope attachment, straps, handles, tri-bar attachments, harnesses, and many more. The purpose of all these attachments is to help you try different exercises to train each of your muscle groups and body parts in different ways.

  • Safety

  • One of the problems with free weight equipment is that it requires necessary skill or assistance from a spotter to ensure safety. A single mistake can cause a loaded barbell or dumbbells to fall and cause a potential injury.

    With a functional trainer, you can perform your intended workouts without requiring any assistance from a spotter. You can adjust the amount of weight you want to train with using a pin. And since this machine doesn’t use any free weights, there won’t be any mishaps.

    Another pretty substantial benefit of a functional trainer is that it comes loaded with enough weight plates to fulfill your current and future workout requirements. Hence, you won’t have to keep purchasing more weight plates and dumbbells.

  • Best for Rehabilitation

  • Extending the safety benefits, a functional trainer is an excellent workout option for people requiring rehabilitation. This machine allows patients to train their body areas and muscles in the same way their therapists suggest after injury or surgery.

    At the start, you will need only a gentle resistance to bring your muscles back on track. After that, you can increase this resistance and workout intensity as you gain strength. Moving the pin one plate down will add substantial resistance to your workout without causing any risk to your muscles.

  • Cost-Effective

  • With all these benefits, you may think a functional trainer is perhaps a more expensive deal. While this machine may look downright expensive at first glance, the number of advantages makes it undoubtedly a cheaper option. On top of that, you won’t ever need to upgrade this machine by purchasing extra plates or weights.

    The factor making a functional trainer a magic machine is its compact size. You will be amazed by how this machine, which roughly acquires an area of five cubic feet, can help you train all your body areas. You can add as much resistance to your exercises as you want without worrying about your safety when working out.

    Is a Functional Trainer Worth the Money?

    When buying a piece of gym equipment, it’s a general recommendation to look if it is worth your money. A functional trainer is usually an exception here. Since this machine can help improve the strength of just about all body areas and muscle groups, you won’t hear your fitness consultant asking you to reconsider your plans to buy it.

    This versatile machine never fails to render an optimum workout solution for any level at any age. More specifically, a functional trainer is an optimal solution to perform supersets and circuit training, both of which require an increased workout speed and a quick change of loads.

    Moreover, functional trainers allow you to perform isolation exercises or multi-joint movements with ease. This machine is your best gym partner if you want to perform isolateral workouts – exercises that train one side of your body.

    The reason this machine is called a functional trainer is that it works all plains of your body. It allows you to perform a full-body workout without investing in a large stock of free weights and other costly gym equipment.

    So, is a functional trainer worth your money? Absolutely yes.

    How Long Does A Functional Trainer Last?

    We know people hate it when they are provided with vague statements in response to questions that demand definite figures. But the fact of the matter is there is no single factor based on which you can tell how long a functional trainer would last. Things that come into play here are the equipment quality, customer service from the provider company, and, more importantly, how you take care of your equipment.

    Even though there are a lot of factors to consider, functional trainers are built to last a long time. Since it is an expensive piece of equipment, manufacturers know they cannot get away with low-quality materials.

    Generally, functional trainers can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years, provided that the material used in its making is of higher quality and you take good care of it.

    Wrapping Up

    While a functional trainer seems a jack-of-all piece of gym equipment, it has everything to offer for the best of all your body areas and muscle groups. You can train all your body parts using this machine to build strength and muscles, and that too without facing any risks.

    Nonetheless, you have to make sure that you use only a high-quality functional trainer to reap its full benefits. Since this trainer is a complex machine, you cannot afford any of its components to get out of order when you exercise. For this purpose, it is advisable to choose the best provider who ensures the best quality at a reasonable cost.

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