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What Is the best powerlifting bar? The ISF Power Bar
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What Powerlifting Barbell to buy? The ISF Bare Steel 29mm Power Bar
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ISF Power Bar 29mm Bare Steel
ISF Bare Steel Power Barbell 29mm
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ISF Power Bar 29mm - Powerlifting Barbell

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The I Sell Fitness Power Bar is one of the best powerlifting barbells on market, featuring some of the most aggressive and deepest cut knurling out there. We built this bar with a stiff shaft to handle whatever lift you can throw at it, whether that be the bench, squat, or deadlift.  The ISF Power Bar was in development for about 5 months, and we extensively tested it with some of the strongest powerlifters in the North East USA, carefully paying attention to what feedback we received in order to bring to market the best powerlifting barbell that we could make.

The ISF Power Bar is 20kg (very weight accurate), features a 29MM shaft with center knurl, and is more stiff at 205k to 210k tensile strength than other bars on market costing double or triple the price.  A static load of between 1200-1500 kgs applied to the bar for 100 seconds will permanently deform the bar by only 1.0mm.  

We are offering the bar in polished bare steel, and black oxide at this time to maximize the aggressive grip.  Note that with both options there will be maintenance required in order to keep the bar from rusting.  We are also offering the bar in a ceramic Cerakote coating in Red and Blue known for its high resistance to oxidation.

When designing this bar, the common theme amongst our Powerlifting friends was "most aggressive knurling," and we accomplished just that, creating a barbell with a deep and sharp aggressive cut.


ISF Power Bar: The Best Power Bar & Most Aggressive Knurling


This is a very high performing barbell at a budget-friendly price.  

Please Note ISF barbells come oiled out of box to prevent rusting during storage. 

Key Specs & Features of the ISF Power Bar:

- 29mm shaft diameter
- 2200mm overall length (86.61")
- 16.25" loadable area on Friction Welded Sleeves
- 4.75" of no center knurl
- Has the most aggressive knurl 
- 20kg barbell weight-

- Single Powerlifting marks, 32" apart

We are doing a special Limited Edition fully black Chaos Power Bar with our friends from Lift Evil.

Watch World Record Holder and #1 Ranked Powerlifter Dan Bell bench 565Lbs x 2 on the ISF Lift Evil Chaos Power Bar:

Watch some lifts and see below what some Powerlifters have to say about the ISF Power Bar:


"I tried out the new @isellfitness power bar this morning for squats, and I can say I really like it. There’s less bend than a Texas in my opinion, and the knurling is the perfect amount of aggressive to stay put on my back. I’m looking forward to benching with this bar later this week!! Top set @ 350x4, backdowns @ 325x5s. Full speed ahead 🦄"

- Chrissy (1162.9 total, #65 All Federations Women 181 Class)

Joe Hannon:

"I really enjoyed using the ISF power bar. The aggressive knurling was great. Definitely kept the bar from slipping.  May be one of the stiffer bars I’ve ever used in training. For me, this is a good thing because there is no leak in transfer of force. All in all, a bar I would recommend and personally will continue to use."

- Joe Hannon (NJ State Record Holder Deadlift 220lb Class at 821.2 lbs)

Frank Naranjo: (owner of Lift Evil Clothing Brand)

"Had a really cool time testing out this new power bar my buddy rob from @isellfitness .. man I'll tell ya having it side by side with the TPB this one is prolly my new fav. Its stiff as all hell and that knurling is so much more aggressive, still got Mark's on my hands haha. I cannot wait for this fucxxxx bar, also picked up some chains and a log from him today, go check his stuff out ! Also haha ignore shitty bench, I havent had a barbell in hands for almost a month since I've been sick, so it was cool to still be able to bench 405, and 405x5 with slingshot . Didnt wanna push or strain anything today , but finally ready to get back go training! Anyway keep eyes peeled for this bar and if you home gym guys need equipment seriously go check out his stuff! ▪︎▪︎▪︎Spread the evil"

- Frank Naranjo (1720, raw, Lift Evil owner).

Chris Della Fave:

 "Over my 10+ years of powerlifting I have come across my fair share of “power bars” but @isellfitness did the right thing with their new bar. Not only did they reach out to seasoned lifters, BUT actually listened and as a result, created a bar that’s going to stand up to the repeated wear and tear and HOLD UP for the long term"

-Chris Della Fave (2777.8 Multi, Bergen County Barbell Owner).  As shown on a 785LB Multi Bench with the ISF Power Bar Prototype 

If you want to experience what is the most aggressive powerlifting bar on market, be sure to check out the ISF Power Bar.

Watch the ISF Power Bar Review by Brandon Campbell Diamond below, note knurling consistency he mentions is corrected on current production:

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