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ISF Bumper Plates Weights FL
ISF Bumper Plates
ISF Bumper Plates
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ISF Bumper Plates Weights FL
ISF Bumper Plates
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ISF Bumper Plates Weights FL

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ISF Fitness Equipment bumper plates are a low bounce solid black bumper weight plates made for any home gym or training facility. ISF bumper weights plates are IWF standard 450mm diameter designed from a durable low bounce rubber great for any Olympic weight lifts. The 2" anchored steel insert is made to fit snugly on an Olympic barbell.  ISF Bumper Plates Set are in stock now and for sale for both USA shipping and free local pickup in NJ & FL.  Our bumper weights plates are found in home gyms and crossfit boxes across the country.

This is the Florida bumper plates page.  If you live in FL or are closer to FL, you will get better shipping rates purchasing off this page.  Note, stock differs between warehouses.  For example, a 10lb pair may be out of stock in FL but in stock in NJ.  You'd thus have to purchase the 10lb plate off the NJ page here if you wanted 10lb plates.

Bumper Weight Plates Sets and Pairs Options:

- 440 LB bumper plates set (3 pair 45, pairs 35,25,15,10 LBS
- 350LB bumper plates set 2 pairs 45, pair 35,25,15,10 lb.
- 260LB bumper plates set pairs 45,35,25,15,10 lb
- 230LB bumper plates set pairs 45,35,25,10
- 190LB bumper plates set pairs 45,25,15,10
- 160LB bumper plates set pairs 45,25,10
- 45LB bumper plates pair
- 35LB bumper plates pair
- 25LB bumper plate pair
- 15LB bumper plate pair
- 10LB bumper plate pair

- Anchored steel insert: 50.4-50.8" 
- IWF standard diameter: 17.72" (450mm), 10lb are 442mm
- 45LB Weight Plate width: 2.8" 
- 35LB Weight Plate width: 2.4"
- 25LB Weight Plate width: 1.75" 
- 15LB Weight Plate width: 1.25" 
- 10LB Weight Plate width: 1.00" 
- Fits Olympic barbells with 2" sleeves 
- Color: Black with white font
- Durometer averages: 45/35/25: 88 // 15:90 // 10:92

What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are solid rubber weights that are made to drop. All size bumper plates are the same diameter across the plate at 450mm. This means the 45 lb bumper plate is the same diameter as the 35lb,25lb,15lb and 10 lb bumper weight. This is very different than cast iron weights which become smaller in diameter as the plate weight size drops. Bumper plate width changes, the heavier the weight the thicker the plate. ISF bumper plates are made with a highly durable, dense virgin rubber so the plates are thin realtive to many competitors. This let's you load more plates onto the bar. ISF 45lb bumper plates are 2.8" thick. The ISF 10lb bumper weights are 1" and other sizes are in between. Bumper plates come in some of the same sizes as cast iron plates, they share in the 45lb,35lb,25lb, and 10lb size weight, however bumpers are not made smaller than 10lbs. There are no 5lb or 2.5lb bumper weights for example. Unlike with the steel weights, bumpers do come in size 15lb.

What barbell should I use with bumper plates?

All ISF Bumper Plates have 2" diameter holes.  This means you will need to choose a high quality olympic barbell with 2" sleeves.  Any ISF barbell will do the job so be sure to add a high quality ISF Barbell either Men's 20KG - 45LB or Women's 15KG - 35LB Bar to complement your weight plates!  Go to barbells here.  


Local Pickups NJ & FL vs Shipping

We offer free local pickup in Northern New Jersey, Southern New Jersey, and Central Florida. If you want NJ pickup please select the item in the drop down marked NJ and select Totowa NJ or Bellmawr NJ at checkout.  If you want Florida pickup, please select the item in the drop down marked FL and select Altamonte Springs, FL at checkout.  If you want shipping, and you are closer to NJ, you will get better UPS rates purchasing the NJ marked items.  If you want shipping and are closer to Florida, you will get better UPS rates selecting the FL marked items.  PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT CHANGE SHIPPING AFTER THE PURCHASE IS MADE SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SELECTION IS FINAL BEFORE PROCEEDING.  

Shipping to USA lower 48 Continental United States only.  Please inquire if going to any other location. 

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