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ISF Squat Bar

ISF Squat Bar

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I Sell Fitness Squat Bar. Our squat bar features a 32MM shaft with aggressive knurling across the length of the shaft and very stiff steel. This bar was in the design process for many months. We tested many alloys looking for a steel that would not flex under heavy load, and we have brought to market one of the stiffest bars around, all while keeping everything at a budget friendly price.  

Key Specs & Features of the ISF Squat Bar:

- 200K+ PSI Tensile Strength
- 32MM shaft
- 2400mm overall length
- 16.75" loadable area on Friction Welded Sleeves
- Full aggressive knurling across the bar
- 25KG
- Powerlifting knurl marks & center knurl mark

We are currently offering the ISF Squat Bar in a polished bare steel shaft to maximize the aggressive knurling, a black phosphate coating, which is a very thin coating also allowing for a good grip, and very limited blue ceramic. Note that with bare steel or black phosphate, while great for maximizing grip, both options will require maintenance to prevent rusting. While our ceramic coating option will offer superior corrosion resistance, the thick coating will take away from the knurl's bite so keep that factor in mind. Also of importance, ceramic coatings do tend to wear from metal to metal contact. All sleeves for all options are hard chrome finish.

Note for aggressiveness estimation with the various finishes on a number scale, 10 being most (relative to ISF Powerlifting bars)

For knurl aggressiveness comparison coating estimation on ISF Powerlifting Bars, on scale to 10 (most aggressive), relative to ISF bars only:

Bare Steel = 10
Phosphate = 9.5
Ceramic = 8.5